6 Significant Reasons to Choose Onair2 WordPress Theme for Radio Stations

OnAir 2 Radio Station WordPress theme is one of the perfect radio station WordPress themes you can ever come by.  It is reliable for setting up podcasts, networks, radio circuits, radio programs and commercial radio stations. It is also used extensively for internet-based radio stations and independent radio websites. The beautiful thing about the OnAir 2 WordPress theme is that it is highly compatible with virtually all the primary service providers, like Airtime, Radio.co, IceCAST, ShoutCAST and so on.

Here’s why you should choose OnAir 2 for your radio station web design:

Professional website creation

The OnAir 2 WordPress theme comes with Schedule functions with which end users can create radio players and virtually anything else required for creating a professional looking radio website in WordPress.  It provides the radio station with a complete tool for creating radio stations that are mobile-friendly and professional in functions and appearance.

Show schedule

With the OnAir 2 WordPress theme, you can quickly schedule various functions and anything else using the themes. It comes with various special functions and can be used to schedule shows monthly, weekly or daily.  The end user can also have access to unlimited music and song charts for easy music selection and customization. The tool is easy to operate and modify. If your proposed or already-established radio station is based on Magento, you can hire a Magento developer to migrate your website to WordPress and operate the OnAir 2 is WordPress theme.   

Banner and sponsor manager

Additionally, the OnAir 2 WordPress theme will give you access to banner and sponsor manager feature for the professional radio station website. The banners can improve the visibility of the website and can win it a spot on the top spot on popular search engines.  It can be placed either near the top or bottom of the webpage. It can also be displayed on news items and individual team pages, as well as on players profiles.

Popup player

The popup players feature in OnAir 2 WordPress theme makes it easy for the end user to choose favorite songs with just a click of the mouse. This feature functions in synchrony with the specific program or song on air at that particular time. It automatically selects songs that correspond with the program being aired so that the anchor person can easily select the right songs during music breaks or program intervals.

Songs charts

Aside from the popup player feature of the OnAir 2 WordPress theme, it also provides program anchors with a list of songs for easy selection. The songs are categorized into genres and by artists to ensure an easy selection.  In other words, the OnAir 2 WordPress theme is designed to bring everything within reach of the programmer or radio program anchor

The ease of use

OnAir 2 is WordPress theme is very easy to use. Hints on how to operate it pop up from time to time and the end user can easily memorize them for easy operation. Anyone can understand how it operates even without previous knowledge of programming or web design.


The above are the advantages of OnAir 2 WordPress themes. They are easy to operate and use as described above, but you can contact a WordPress developer if you do not understand how it operates.


Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi  – is leader/representative/frontrunner of an expert magento development team and an experienced digital marketing specialist dedicated to develop intuitive, well crafted, smart websites having blistering opening on search engine(s) making time and money worthwhile. His current ventures include magentodevelopers.online , Progostech, Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.


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