5 Simple Ways to Skyrocket Your Radio Listeners! [2/10]

In this new post about how to promote a radio station, you will see 5 fast and cheap but very effective ways to increase the listeners of your radio!

So you want more listeners eh? This is the effective technique used by 06AM Ibiza Underground Radio to reach the people everywhere, arriving to thousands of listeners within a year:

1. Think about the habits of the people:

every user has its own habits, and if someone is used to listen to the radios through winamp or itunes, or even Windows media player, they won’t change their habits for you. You need to adapt, allowing the users to listen to your radio from every app or device they want.

How to do that? You need a web radio service that gives you access to specific files, which once downloaded are automatically opened with the correct app and starts playing your radio station.

These files are:

  • .m3u for iTunes
  • .asx for Windows Media Player
  • .pls for Winamp

These url are usually provided by the best radio service providers, and gives access to another channel for your listeners, allowing them to listen to your radio without changing their habits.

In the example below, this radio provides these channels in the dropdown menu of the player:



By allowing people to listen from their players, you also have some returning listeners guarantee, because your radio will be always stored in their settings (If they like your radio :)!

But in the screenshot above, you also will see another detail in the menu: the iPhone app, which brings us to the next tip:

2. Think about the devices

Create an app for your radio, choose to target the device most likely used by your target, or do an app for each operative system. Offer in some way the possibility to enter in the mobile device of your listener, and he’ll be able to listen everywhere from your music!

3. Get in iTunes

Since one year iTunes re-opened the radio channels, being in the list can make the difference. If you have quality contents, you can apply to be listed here.

4. Charts!

Making charts of the tracks is one of the most powerful tools to reach more listeners. Once you make a chart, paying attention to include big artists and upcoming ones, spread the world about this!

You can take a screenshot of the chart, put it on Facebook, and tag the artists in it, or you can post it on twitter with the @ to the artists! They’ll be happy to see the resonance of their music and will most likely share it again, duplicating your visibility!


5. Interviews

Written, in podcasts or with a nice video, the interviews are always a great way to attract more people on your radio. People loves interviews, specially the strongest fans of the artists, which will share your content on all their socials, attracting hundreds of people on your pages.

Try to be professional, and use a reflex for the shooting: try to give the greatest image possible to the artist, and he will be happy to share it as well!
In the example, the video shooted in 2014 at the DJ Awards Ibiza, re shared on the Dj Awards social, which attracted thousands of viewers.

After creating the interview, remember to post it in your website and socials, and ask to the artists to spread it in their pages. If you did it good, they will help you a lot!



Radio Interviews

And with the Videolove plugin you can easily create filterable video galleries, to guarantee the best experience to your visitors!

Video Gallery Plugin Radio Station




The media is an important part in delivering a message, and reaching all the channels is the best way to allow everyone to listen to your music. You need to provide the right channels and allow the people to easily access them. Plus you need to reach more people, and the social networks, as well as the real life connections, can do the trick if you work in a professional way.

Being a small radio doesn’t mean to be a cheap one, and with an eye also on the right tools you can appear professional and reach much more people.


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